Metal Screen

Metal Screen

Metal screen refers to a screen made of metal as a raw material. Compared with traditional wooden screens, screens made of metal have the characteristics of fine craftsmanship, good gloss, sturdiness and durability, and stable quality. In recent years, metal screens have been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, clubs, exhibition halls, high-end restaurants, home improvement, offices, and outdoor spaces. From this point of view, we classify metal screens according to application sites: home decoration screens, commercial decoration screens, and outdoor decoration screens. Whether it is home decoration, commercial office areas or outdoor public areas, more and more scenes will use metal screen decoration, using screens to separate independent spaces from each other, and screens undertake the important function of decorating and dividing space. The metal decorative screen plays a very good embellishment role in the design, which matches the modern decorative style very well, and has the finishing touch effect.

Home decoration screen: The first type is the screen of the entrance and the guest restaurant; a screen is added as a shielding function between the entrance and the guest restaurant, so as to increase the privacy of the guest restaurant space, and at the same time, it can alleviate the "transmission" that many people mind. "problem. The second type is a screen that partitions the function and separates the space; some spaces can be partitioned by a screen to separate the space, while maintaining a certain degree of permeability, making the space use more flexible and diversified. The third type is screens that conceal the function and beautify the space; like the aisle area outside the washbasin, the door of the room to the head of the bed, etc., you can also install a screen in between to make the space more beautiful and relieve the mind. Feel, make the space more relaxed and comfortable.

Commercial decorative screens: The first type is metal screens used in hotels and clubs; the addition of metal screens in hotel lobbies, hotel front desks, and club halls can not only break the inherent rigidity of the space, but also play a role in separating the space, but also can vaguely realize the space. Communication and integration, thereby enhancing the artistic atmosphere of the space. The second type is office screens. In office decoration, personal environment should be paid attention to, and personal attention should be increased. Personal space should be kept as undisturbed as possible. The installation of metal screens in the office will not only divide the space, but not completely separate the space. , There is connection in the compartment, continuity in the disconnection, the combination of virtual and reality, and the vague beauty of the metal partition is implicitly and elegantly presented.

Outdoor decorative screens: the first type, metal screens for high-end residential courtyards; metal screens are used in outdoor courtyards to separate the landscape and the building. Air and green flow through the screens, flowing freely between spaces, and have better features. The corrosion resistance, the decorative effect lasts longer. The second type is metal screens used in public places; metal screens are installed in outdoor public areas such as parks and squares to separate, beautify, block, and coordinate. Naturally connected rhythm. The beauty is incomparable, elegant but not dull.

We are a professional manufacturer of metal screens, and we can customize the metal screens you like. Choose suitable styles, sizes, colors, processing techniques, etc. according to personal preferences, use places, and decorative styles. We have experienced welders with perfect details. There are two welding processes for welding forming: one is spot welding, which has seams, and is fixed directly by spot welding. One is full welding, also called seamless welding. After grinding and polishing, no gaps can be seen in the welding place. We have advanced machinery that can accurately cut patterns of different shapes. There are two processing techniques: the first is laser hollow cutting, which is cut by a large laser cutting machine to obtain a certain pattern, and after surface treatment, vacuum plating is used for coloring. The second type is welding and polishing processing, which is formed by tube or plate processing, after surface treatment, then welding and polishing, and vacuum plating and coloring. We have an excellent team, a rigorous style, and a serious and responsible work attitude. Our designers have strong aesthetic judgment and innovative design concepts, and can design metal screens that satisfy customers. We are your trusted manufacturer of metal screens!


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