YOUNGOR, a famous and classical clothing brand for the men’s clothes in China, has played an important role in domestic and even foreign clothing markets. As the time went by, this classical brand starts to found its specialty of maturity, confidence, steady and wishes for the higher quality of life. No wonder this kind of brand is warmly welcomed by many consumers. To be truth, there are some clothing display racks specialized in serving these clothes and they are said to be the strong power to promote the sales of this brand of clothes. Let’s know more about the clothing display racks for the clothing brand of YOUNGOR.

To begin with, the texture of the clothing display racks is the stainless steel in vacuum with the color of rose gold. What’s more important, the surface of these clothing display racks is in no fingerprint procession. That is also the reason why many shopkeepers who are selling for the brand of YOUNGOR prefer to choose this kind of clothing display racks. Certainly, the copyright of brand belongs to the brand party. We aim to produce the clothing display racks according to the suggestions from the merchants. The three main consumer groups they are focusing on are the international businessmen, administrative civil servant and the businessman for casual wear.

What’s more, detail is the key to success. It is very important to display the products well to attract more consumers. If there is stair inside your store, the decorations near the stair should be perfect. The simple and clear color or the classical types of decoration are the best examples. With such decorations, you can lead consumers to the upstairs and find more interesting products. In the clothing store, you can mix the display way of front-hang, side-hang or the over stow. It can save more space with all different kinds of display. For the men’s clothing store, accessories can be said as the turning point. For example, ties are the symbol of high level. If you place them creatively on the racks, they can be more energetic and easier to be found by consumers. It is suggested that these accessories can be placed aside the clothes. Consumers can choose their favorite one collocated with the clothes. In most YOUNGOR clothing store, the men’s clothes are placed with the design of straight line. It can not only show the handsome and direct for the men, but also can be unified in consumers’ eyes. Have you ever noticed that the clothing display racks are placed in a certain design in many clothing stores selling for the famous brand? That is the magic of display. Usually there is an annual island platform in the middle of the store. Also, the display racks are straight and long enough to cover the wall. There are also several tiers of every rack. This kind of design can show the products to consumers as much as possible. Shoes are placed conveniently in this design. Consumers can appreciate the products from different aspects. What’s more, the portfolios are also common in the men’s clothing store. Be remember, it is suggested that you can put the plants between the clothes and the shoes. Detail is very important because it can have the function of attracting more consumers to the clothing store. Clothing display racks for the clothing brand of YOUNGOR are also needed to be design in a certain rule and collocated with the style of the store itself.

In spite of these, the interior design is also significant to the clothing store. After purchasing the clothing display racks and the profound products, you should also consider the design inside your store. As the three main consumer groups are the international businessmen, administrative civil servant and the businessman for casual wear, you can design them according to these three different parts. The areas for business should be exalted and elegant for the people who prefers this area must be the influential person in certain field. You should match the style with the people themselves. You can decorate with some article paintings or other famous works. The exquisite sofas and the European style tea tables are also warmly welcomed. For the main color, why not use the color of grey or white in business areas? Next, the areas for casual should be relaxed enough. You should give consumer a sense of interesting and fun. Some funny stories or energetic decorations can be seen at these areas. Flowers or plants are important and they ae the symbol of natural life. At last, the areas for the fashion should be fashionable as the name meant. To be more particular, it is the area for fashionable trend and many creative and personalized are keen on these kinds of clothes. They aim to be the leader in this field. So, the spot light should be twinkling and attractive. Only when you take all these factors into consideration can you enjoy the wonderful environment with your exalted consumers.

Last but not least, the design of lighting is also the key factor to improve your clothing store. As we know, different colors of the lights can give person different feelings. From what have been discussed above, the clothing display racks for the brand of YOUNGOR are the stainless steel in vacuum with the color of rose gold. It means that the lighting should be suitable for this color. The white tiny lights are proper in many clothing stores. Maybe you can see there are many tiny spot lights on the ceiling. They can highlight both the clothing display racks and the clothes themselves.

In our modern society, we are pursuing for the better development and always want to be the first person to catch the new changes. We cannot ignore the function of design and the decorations in the clothing stores. Clothing display racks are no exception. They can do well in the sales promotion and the space saving. With the help of them, the clothes can be sold more quickly to consumers. YOUNGOR is the famous and classical clothing brand in many people’s mind because it had its specialty and differences between other brands. We are the factory who is specialized in producing the clothing display racks for the brand such as the YOUNGOR and other famous brand like Gold lion.

In a word, clothing display racks for the brand of YOUNGOR are specialized in serving these clothes and they are said to be the strong power to promote the sales and be useful to build the confidence among consumers. Come and choose the proper clothing display racks for your clothing store. You can also make some interior design according to your special style of store.

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